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The best educational content for FXG linehaul contractors, all in one place

About Us

Our mission is to help FXG linehaul contractors run more efficient, safer operations, allowing them to survive and to thrive within the FXG network. Together we can make this a great resource for everybody in the community. We strongly encourage all contractors and vendors to contribute conversation and content to the site.   

Why Join?

There is no "how to run a Linehaul business" available from FXG. So let's create it together. 

While each TSP's business is unique, so much of what we do is the same.  We shouldn't each have to reinvest the wheel.

So come be a part of the community and turbocharge your business in the process.

A Big Thanks

Thank you everybody - TSPs and vendors alike - who have created the content here in order to help the linehaul community. Please keep up the great work, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.